Rarebreed Veterinary Partners | Headshots

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners | Headshots

How many headshots could you get done in one day? More than you can imagine! Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Rarebreed Veterinary Partners – a thriving community of veterinary hospitals. For them, I got to create some serendipitous headshots featuring their employees and their pets. Oh! What a great time I had, and the joy of photographing these amazing people with their furry friends and water beauties was unparalleled! A bunch of happy faces with the brightest of smiles and lovely positive vibes greeted me at this session. Also, conversing with all these compassionate employees of Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, who strive to deliver the best patient care, was a pleasure. The headshots I took turned out to look incredible and adorable!


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Meeting and photographing pets during engagement sessions and at weddings always get me excited. Now, imagine how excited I was when I got not one, not two, but so many cuties to take photos of with their human parents, who are veterinary professionals. I think there couldn’t have been a better way to illustrate the importance pets play in the everyday lives and the business lives of these people. From doggos and kitties to colorful fishes, I got the opportunity to photograph them all in one session. Now you would know why I keep reiterating that I love my job, and I really mean it!

It was an absolute delight to see how relaxed and happy all my human models were during the course of the photo session. Their faces were all radiant and body language so genuine and affectionate. It seemed that just the company of their pets energized them and made this experience special for them. Also, the occasional woofs and meows were a joy to hear for everyone present! The sweet part was that most of the time, all these cuties were at their disciplined best as if to ensure they still had their good boy and good girl tags intact even after this session. Hahaha!

Now, this was a session where I had numerous pets facing the camera one after the other, and you might be prompted to wonder that posing them would have been a task. To that, I’d say getting both a person and an animal to look at me at the same time and appear comfortable as well as happy is my specialty! It has taken me over 20 years to shuffle in this craft, and I am so happy to be able to share it with my clients and you. Moreover, it has only become a fun thing for me to do whenever there’s an opportunity or need. 


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To all the amazing employees of Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, collaborating with you all was an honor! You guys are doing a great job taking care of animals, and I believe in your company’s mission of delivering exceptional patient care and outstanding client services. Also, I just love how your company website mentions that they aim for a kick-ass employee experience, which I think is so necessary to keep the drive alive. I love you all! You people are beautiful inside out and so are your pets. I want to thank Rarebreed Veterinary Partners for trusting me with headshot photography for their employees and look forward to working with you again. I wish the company all the best in all its future endeavors.


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