Intimate Rehoboth MA Barn Wedding – Vicki and Josh


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a wedding like this in my career. Vicki’s mom, Grace, called me up and asked me to help her with a surprise gift of doing the photography for Vicki and Josh’s wedding. They had eloped the year before but were coming home for a celebration with family and friends at Josh’s dad’s farm in Rehobeth.

On the day of the wedding, I arrived in Bristol, Rhode Island, to photograph the last-minute moments as Vicki was getting ready. I was especially touched when Jackie, Vicki’s sister, helped her pin her father’s state police force tag into her dress, and when he came into the room to see what they were doing, tears of joy streamed down his face.


Soon, it was time to go, and everyone piled into the cars. We drove up to Josh’s dad’s farm in Rehobeth, and the girls waited in the house while the men waited in the hay barn.

I ventured upstairs to the hay barn to get some shots of the men, who were having a great time. The light was absolutely beautiful, and I loved the photos I was able to capture. After that, I went over to the house to watch as the women congregated around the table while Vicki tied the rings to a horseshoe and the bridesmaids put together some flowers that they would be carrying down the aisle.


After some quick group photos, it was time for the most relaxed wedding ceremony I have ever been to. (The dog sitting at the head and middle of the aisle was proof of that.) Vicki’s dad walked her down the aisle, and then it was time for the beautiful vows—which included the phrase “I do, I did, and I will.”


It was clear that this ceremony was for family and friends as well as Vicki & Josh, because the couple had eloped a year prior—they just wanted to spend time with each other and the people that mattered most to them. After some bridal party and family photos, we did a group session that ended up being more of an “oh, I want my picture with the bride and groom” sort of moment.


After that, Vicki went to the stables, and I got some amazing images of her with the horses. We did some portraits of Vicki and Josh together, and then it was time for dinner.


The guests ate in stages from the food truck, and while they were taking turns, there were lawn games to play as well as beverages and appetizers to be enjoyed. After that, the reception got into full swing, and Vicki and Josh started things off with a fantastic first dance. The mother/son and father/daughter dances followed, and then Vicki’s sister and father, as well as Josh’s mother, made their toasts. Then, the fire pit was lit, and the guests danced the rest of the evening away.



It was such an honor to be included in this wedding. I loved the authenticity of the moments and the sincerity with which the bride and groom approached the entire event. Thank you so much, Grace and Mike, for finding me and including me in this momentous family event.


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