Family Session at Borderland State Park – Easton, MA – Heather, Sotiri, Sophie, Allie and Peanut

I love family sessions during the fall and this one did not disappoint! I met with the Sougaris family at Borderland State Park last week to document this time in their lives as well as create their 2014 Christmas card photo. Everyone including Peanut the ten month old Golden Retriever was full of energy and enthusiasm… well maybe ESPECIALLY Peanut. That dog had more treats in the short time we were together than he probably has had in the last 10 months combined! But let me tell you… it paid off! I LOVE the images from this session. I did not include any full family photos so that Heather could use the card as the big reveal 🙂 I hope you enjoy the craziness that is here!PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0144PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0145PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0146PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0147PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0148PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0149PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0150PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0151PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0152PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0153

The photos below are some of my favorites. I too have a sister and although it took until we were adults for me to love her like this, I can totally relate 🙂PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0154PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0155PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0156PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0157PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0158PARDO_PHOTO_Family_Photos_Southern_MA_Borderland_State_Park_0159Thank you to the whole Sougaris family for being so diligent about getting this on the schedule and for trusting me to create these images for you. I LOVE photographing your family! Until next time… Nicki 🙂

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