Intimate Wedding in Newton, MA – Jamie and Hagay

Jamie & Hagay were married on October 18, 2014, with a ceremony at a beautiful private home in Newton, MA. This intimate wedding could not have been more special and meaningful.

 The couple met on a Birthright trip in Israel. Hagay was one of the Israeli soldiers on the trip, and after spending 5 days together, they found they had an instant connection that would last forever. Jamie says she admires his humbleness most of all, then and now.

intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0001On the morning of the wedding, I arrived at Jamie’s parents’ house to find out that the family had a trying day. Hagay’s parents had arrived from Israel and were staying in Boston. Apparently, his father, Tovi, went out for a walk and was lost for most of the day. Fortunately, they found him about an hour before I arrived. Needless to say, emotions were a little high, although everybody was feeling quite grateful for the way things turned out.

Since the ceremony was to be held at her parent’s home, Jamie was getting ready at a friend’s house. I drove over to find hair and makeup being done, her friends flittering around her, and Jamie dressed and ready for the wedding. I captured her putting on the finishing touches. She and her mother chose the bridal jewelry with care, and the necklace she wore was a gift from Hagay. Jamie loved her purple shoes, a little twist on the blue part of the old, new, borrowed, and blue saying.


 I took Jamie outside for some portraits of her alone against the beautiful fall foliage which were followed by some images of Jamie and her mom.


Next we drove back to Jamie’s parents’ house for the ceremony.


 I asked Jamie to stand off to the side on the deck while I went to grab Hagay for the first look. We had to kick the whole family out so that Jamie and Hagay could enjoy this moment alone together. I love the first look. It was obvious that Jamie was nervous, but once she was with Hagay, everything seemed to be great.intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0012intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0013intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0014intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0015intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0016

The family and friends surrounding these two were so full of love and support!. We took some family portraits and some of the couple alone.


Finally, the guests began to arrive, and hors d’oeuvres from Maria’s Fine catering were served. As everybody was assembled and had a little something to eat, it was time for Jamie and Hagay to come out to greet their guests. intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0029intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0030intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0031intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0032intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0033intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0035

The officiant, Arthur, was Jaimie’s father’s close friend from 6th grade! Once he was ready he called everybody into the room to have a seat, and then Jamie and Hagay entered. intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0034intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0036intimate-wedding-newton-nicki-pardo-photography_0037


The ceremony was brief but heartfelt. The ring Hagay put on Jamie’s finger was passed down from three generations prior. After the exchange of rings and the kiss, the families all got up and hugged and shared words of support and encouragement and love. I loved the moment just after the kiss—the families jumping up with arms outstretched to hug the couple… It was just so joyful and intimate.


I also love the shot on the porch at night. That was taken during the 5 minutes just after the ceremony. I always ask the bride and groom to come with me for some photos so that they can have a few minutes alone to absorb the gravity of the moment. I use a long lens and become a fly on the wall as they share this time.


Next, everybody continued to enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the party bus to bring them to the dinner celebration.


 Once the party bus arrived, everybody piled on—and off they went to have a lovely post wedding dinner in Boston.


 Jamie and Hagay, I was so happy to have been included in your amazingly intimate and heartfelt celebration. Thank you so much for choosing me to record this momentous occasion in your new family’s history!

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