Featured Photography Partnership: Wheaton College


In a business like photography, a good partnership with a venue can make all the difference in the world. It’s much easier to get good shots when you’re comfortable where you’re set up, and Wheaton College has always been such a welcoming place for me.

I have been working with Wheaton College since 1999, when I moved to Mansfield, and I have absolutely loved the atmosphere there. It’s so nice to have a client so close to home, but more than that, it’s so wonderful to just be surrounded by the welcoming spirit of not only all the students but also the faculty and staff.

Because I’ve been working with Wheaton College for so long, I have been able to help them out for last-minute requests or even venture over during snowstorms when the rest of the communications staff couldn’t even get to work. I’ve been working with them for so long that I truly feel I understand not only their mission but also what they are looking for with the photographs I take for them. We have a great back and forth rapport, and I love that they are always open to my ideas and suggestions.

It’s such a small college, but I love the environment as the extremely liberal school continues to encourage self-expression in its students, really allowing them to give me the chance to photograph true diversity. All the students know each other, really fostering that sense of community, and there is truly an atmosphere of trust.

One of my favorite things to do at Wheaton College is to photograph the candle-lighting ceremony for incoming freshman. Then, I get to photograph the same class as outgoing seniors putting their candles in the pond—really documenting a full journey from beginning to end.

I’m so grateful to be able to work with Wheaton College, not only because they are a great venue but because I truly feel like I have made true friends there. I learn something new every time I go there, and I am fortunate enough to further my own education as I cover speaking events as well. This has been a wonderful experience all around, and I truly and deeply appreciate working with them!


A few shots from Senior Day…featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0003

featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0004The inner workings of the college in action…featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0005featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0006

The candle ceremony…featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0007featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0008featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0009featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0010featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0011

And finally Graduation. A great time every year. featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0012featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0013featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0014featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0015featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0016featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0017featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0018featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0019featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0020featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0021featured-photography-partner-wheaton-college-pardo-photo_0022

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