Engagement at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Providence RI – Katt & Chris

I cannot wait for Katt and Chris’ wedding this Saturday at the Providence Public Library. In anticipation of their big day I thought it would be fun to look back at their engagement session 🙂


I met with Katt and Chris at the Botanical Center in the Roger Williams Park in Providence RI. It was a gorgeous day and the park was filled with activity. We started in the greenhouse where the array of plants and fish ponds made for amazing backgrounds. I love the image below with the refection of the two of them and Katt’s tip toes at the top of the frame. The height difference between them makes this such a common occurrence that I had to record it! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the portrait of them above. The glowing light and the color of Katt’s eyes jump right out of the image. Just gorgeous!PARDO_PHOTO_Engagement_Botanical_Gardens_Roger_Williams_Park_0181


Next we ventured outside to explore the open fields and the exterior of the greenhouse. When I first met Katt and Chris I was their kickboxing instructor. So, I know they are both quite athletic and I was determined to have them play while being photographed. It was no surprise to either of them when I asked Katt to climb up on the benches, have Chris give her a piggy back and swing her around in front of the greenhouse. We had SO MUCH FUN!!!


Finally the workout… oh I mean engagement session was drawing to a close and we headed down to the carousel for some childlike fun. I love the moving lights behind them in the kissing photo and the joy in their faces as they went round and round.


I’ve been looking forward to their big day for over a year and I cannot wait to see these two tie the knot!!!

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