My thoughts on a First Look

Should you have a first look or not?

This is a question many of my clients ask me. Well, first off, let me say that it’s totally up to you. However; I am a big fan of the first look. To tell you why, I’d like to share the story of my wedding day.


When I got married I did not have a first look. My wedding day went like this… I got up in the morning, got my hair and makeup done and hung out with my bridesmaids. Throughout the day, my husband-to-be sent me a number of roses with little notes attached that led up to the final rose he gave me when we saw each other at the ceremony. At the moment when we met, it was so hard to not stand there and talk to him, hug him and tell him how excited I was. I wanted to have a moment to just be myself, but I had to stand there and listen to the officiant. I had to try to pay attention to the enormity of the fact that we were standing there getting married!


I really would have appreciated a few minutes to chat, hug and just be myself. I wish I could have said all the things I wanted to say about what had happened that morning prior to the ceremony. I wish I could have shared how excited I was for the day to come. It would have been so wonderful to get that final rose and take a moment to appreciate the note and to have a conversation. The whole day went so quickly! After the ceremony, we were not alone until about 2am and both of us were dead tired.


Having a first look really gives you the time to appreciate the importance of the day together.

You have the opportunity to talk to each other, hold each other and probably shed a few tears.First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-3First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-4First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-5

The bride’s big entrance will still be a moment to cherish, but a first look can allow the couple time to have an intimate moment together alone. It is often the only few moments you have to yourselves, allowing you time to reflect on what is happening and the enormity of the day ahead.


There are many benefits logistically to having a first look, as well. You can get all of your family pictures done before the ceremony. Getting photographed shortly after having their hair and makeup done allows everybody to look their best.First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-9First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-10First-Look_Pardo-Photo-WEB-11

But the biggest and best reason I can think of is ensuring that you have a moment to yourselves to enjoy away from the other pressures of this big day.


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Photos from my wedding shot by Mark Dolan.

Also included in this post are images I second shot for Anna Sawin Photography and Julia Jane Studios.

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