Great Wedding Moments

Every wedding is fraught with emotion… love, excitement, stress, nervousness, elation, sadness, and joy. The look a father gives his daughter at the front of the altar, the laughter from a well composed toast, the elation just after the couple is pronounced married… all of these and more. These moments are my inspiration.

Love, pride and that moment that so clearly communicates “We did it!”

Elation and passion.PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0124Passion, playfulness and fun!

Surprise, passion, anticipation and nerves, and “We did it!”PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0119

Excitement, love, gratefulness, pure joy.PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0120

Passion, elation and a mother’s love 🙂PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0121

Love, joy and anticipation.


Love, passion, and  “We did it!”,PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0125

Excitement, laughter and joy and beauty.


Happiness, pride, love, and excitement.PARDO_PHOTO_Wedding_Photography_Great_Moments_0129

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