Thayer Academy Graduation – Braintree, MA

It is always bitter sweet when my seniors graduate from Thayer. This group was especially tough to see move on. I have enjoyed the past three years as their photo teacher and I can’t wait to see what they become!

Prior to the ceremony I ventured into the crowd of seniors so I could say a proper goodbye and of course grab a few selfies. It’s kind of strange that they look so much younger than I do when in my head I still feel like I’m their age!

PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0092PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0093I love that my camera gives me license to unobtrusively get close up and feel like a part of the ceremony. The students always look so surprised to see me crouched down behind the chairs and out of sight of the parents. Their genuine smiles are usually the result 🙂PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0095PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0094PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0099PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0096PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0097PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0098PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0099PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0100PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0101Here is a great moment between one of my students and her mom who happens to be a trustee.PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0102PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0103PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0104Receiving their diplomas – so exciting!PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0105PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0106And to top it all off the after party food was UNBELIEVABLE! How can you not love these two incredibly talented and crazy chefs?PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0107PARDO_PHOTO_Thayer_Academy_0108Congratulations Thayer Academy class of 2014!


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