Easton Ma Extended Family Portrait Session


At the end of June, I had the pleasure of photographing the Fahy family at Borderland State Park in Easton, MA. It was actually three families in one, and it was a great day. Michelle and Jay have a son, Ben, who is 8. Mike and Laura have a son named Michael, who is 7. Jim and Linda are the hip and happening grandparents, and Jay and Laura are their twins. Michelle bought this portrait session as a Christmas gift for Jim and Linda, her husband’s parents. They have never had an extended family portrait done, and since Michelle is a good friend and past client of mine, she purchased a gift certificate for them.

Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0002Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0004Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0005Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0006Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0007Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0003This family was unbelievably playful—the WHOLE family! Normally, it is challenging to get the adults to play, but they were all ready to go. I love the photo of Mike and Michael rolling in the grass together, the one where he is holding Michael by the legs and spinning him, and the close up of Michael upside down holding on to his dad’s leg. I also love the one of Michelle running with Ben on her back.
Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0010Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0014Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0015A technique I use for larger families is to set up the adults and have the kids run in circles until I yell “get ’em,” which is when they run in to hug their parents. Well, by the end of the shoot, they ALL wanted to run around. It was so much fun!Pardo-Photography-Easton-Ma-Family-Session_0101Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0013Pardo-Photography-Easton-MA-Family-Session_0011


Thank you, Michelle, for thinking of me and for introducing me to your wonderful extended family! I hope to see you all again soon!

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