Rhode Island Beach Family Photos


I met with this wonderful family a few weeks ago at a house near the beach in Rhode Island. The weather was not cooperating, but we made the best of a rainy afternoon.

This group was so enthusiastic and full of energy! It was their annual family reunion, and the parents (aka grandparents), their three children, and the eight grandchildren were all ready to go when I arrived.

As always, I had the young kids running around a bit before asking them to settle in for their portraits. They all really enjoyed the fact that they didn’t have to stand still for the pictures. I particularly love the moment when the grandparents are standing waiting for the photo and all the grandchildren are running around them. This kind of movement always creates levity and joy on people‚Äôs faces!

After the family got used to the fact that I WANTED them to move, they were really ready to have some fun, and we ended the evening with a full family jumping shot! Now, I will let you know, this was not my idea. Once they realized they could have fun in the pictures they came up with some crazy ideas of their own!

There is nothing like photographing images for families that will be seen for generations to come. It’s just icing on the cake when we all have a great time creating them! Make sure you scroll through to the end, you can see how these images translated into beautiful wall art for their home!




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