Recap of the 2014 Holiday Mini Sessions

In mid-November, I ran my annual fall mini-sessions in and around Easton, MA.

I love photographing mini sessions. The families usually show up completely frazzled – the mom is exasperated after having gathered the coordinated outfits, getting everyone into them, and making it to the location hoping she also looks up to snuff for the photos. There is usually some yelling about how the kids have to LISTEN to the photographer and how they must smile and BEHAVE or else. I actually revel in these moments because once the parents relinquish control of the kids it is time for FUN! I start out having them chase me – of course they have to line up together and get REALLY close before I say “Go” so I usually get a great shot right then. First thing… anticipation and excitement in their faces and the hope that they can catch me. Of course I tell them that I am super fast – gotta put the challenge out there. 🙂

Next we run! and we run far! and conveniently to the first location where I would like to get a group shot of the kids. By then they are out of breath and more than willing to hug their siblings or lie on the ground and their faces are flush and relaxed. Next we run back to their parents and it seems like a miracle to these unsuspecting parents – the kids are happy and cooperating!

That’s the moment when the parents are photographed too. I usually have them stand looking at me as if they are being photographed alone. I call a “kid conference” and we make a plan. The kids run around the parents as fast as possible and when I say “get em” they hug their parents as tightly as possible. The moments are magic – laughter, surprise and joy all over their faces. Genuine expressions of love and happiness. It is the highlight of every session.




Thank you to all these wonderful families for trusting me with these memories this year. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

  • Melissa Schlenker - December 19, 2014 - 10:50 am

    Nicki -Thank you for making holiday photo-taking fun! I mean, really fun! My kids keep talking about what a great time they had. They usually dread it – for weeks. You have a gift!

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