Just another day

I realize that my life as a photographer is a bit different than most traditional working moms. I thought it would be fun to walk through a typical day “at the office”. Today I woke up, got my kids off to school, created three wedding day schedules, set up a family photo session and sent out an email about doing a fund raiser. I then photographed some yellow roses a good friend dropped off earlier this week.

Next I headed out to the mailbox to send a letter and retrieve the mail from the day before. Awaiting me was an amazing thank you gift from Flashes of Hope, an organization for which I volunteer to photograph kids with terminal diseases. Unfortunately these photos are often the final images families have of their children. It is always heart wrenching but I feel like I am really making a difference so I volunteer every year.

I then set out for my photo shoot at Stonehill College where I met three psychology students who are creating research protocol that will be applied globally. It was fascinating! Click here to read about their research. On the way out I noticed the entrance to the college was looking particularly lovely so I stopped to photograph that too.My next stop was dodgeball class at the Foxboro YMCA. If I could play dodgeball every day of the week I would! Every Wednesday I wake up giddy because I know there will be a parents versus kids game that afternoon. I LOVE IT!
Last stop of the day – soccer. Yes. I am that mom on the sidelines with the huge lens screaming for my kid to get the ball as I snap away. I can’t help it. Photography is in my blood.

I can’t even imagine letting these moments pass without recording beauty that pops up in front of me and the history of my family and friends.

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