Dorchester, MA Extended Family Portraits


Over the summer, Anni, one of my long-time friends and colleagues at Thayer Academy, asked me to photograph her extended family. I have been photographing Anni’s special moments since the day she got married and then started having kids, so this felt like a natural progression!

Anni comes from a large family—she is the only girl with four older brothers: Brendan, Brian, Matty and Jimmy. Each of them is married and has their own kids, and Anni wanted to capture a moment where they would all be together. Anni’s mom, Celia, was also at the session, but her dad had an unexpected medical thing come up and couldn’t make it at the last minute (but he’s ok now!) The grandchildren of this family range from 3 years old to 17 years old. It was a great group!


This was a situation where everyone (except for Anni) was expecting to have to stand still and force their smiles at the camera. But that’s only because they didn’t know how much FUN I try to make these photo sessions. I love how the kids opened up and the parents went from frazzled to relaxed.


Thank goodness Anni knows how I work, because her little boy TJ cried THE ENTIRE time except for the last 15 minutes when the kids were on the swing set. But we persevered, and I was able to get him laughing on the swings. By the end of the session, we were able to get ALL the grandchildren onto the swing set looking happy. It was hard work—but worth it for that perfect image of them all!



All smiles! extended-family-photo-session-pardo-photo_0017

I love the photos of Anni and her husband Tommy alone. They had just moved back from to MA from NYC—literally that week—and they were STRESSED. It was so nice to take them aside and have them take a few moments to just enjoy each other. Of course, they also love to compete, so Anni had to take a few shots at Tommy on the hockey court. 🙂



Thank you, Anni, for trusting me yet again with these special moments. I loved meeting your whole family, and I’m so excited to photograph your nieces’ first communion this Saturday and see you all again!

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