Elihu Island Wedding – Amy & Tim


I love being the main photographer for a wedding, but sometimes, I enjoy being the second photographer just as much. Being the second photographer allows so much more artistic freedom, because you are not worried about capturing every moment—that’s what the primary photographer is for—but you can look for interesting angles and capture reactions and details of what is going on around the bride and groom. I wanted to share the amazing wedding of Amy and Tim that I was honored to help Anna Sawin of Anna Sawin Photography capture on Elihu Island in CT.

It was a perfect September day as I made my way out to the island. I stopped and shot a panorama of the road leading to the island because it was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe such a place existed so close to home! There are only four weddings per year on Elihu Island. The wedding party rents the entire island, including the houses so that family and friends can stay for the weekend. Once I arrived on the venue site, I shot another panorama showing the tent and ceremony site.

I met up with Tim and his groomsmen in one of the houses on the island. The mood was happy but a little nervous at the same time. Tim tied his tie at least 3 times before he got it right. The flower girls met me outside, and we took some photos there. Next, Tim and his groomsmen came out to play a bit, like only guys can on a wedding day!
Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0010Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0011Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0012Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0013Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0014Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0015Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0017Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0016I was able to wander the grounds a bit and photograph the many creative details. The Polaroids around the tree were the escort cards. They were images of the guests themselves from various points in Amy and Tim’s lives. It was such a creative way to let the guests know where they would be seated.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0009

I also loved the fact that cocktail hour was open air. Just tables in a field with delicious drinks and food being served. The whole design of the wedding felt like we were in a magazine.

The ceremony started down by the water on a dock. Again, the mood was joyful and light and filled with the potential of new love. I love both Amy and Tim’s reaction to each other and the first kiss photos. They were so happy, and you could see it!Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0020Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0021Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0022Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0023Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0024Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0025Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0026Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0027Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0028Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0029

Next, we took bridal party and family photos. I photographed each bridesmaid and groomsmen as they were finishing the group shots. These images are often used in a checkerboard setup in the album. It’s a great way to really see everyone who stood up with the bride and groom as they took their vows.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0030Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0031

Then, Anna and I were able to photograph Amy and Tim alone.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0032Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0033Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0034Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0035

I  love this image of Amy’s bare foot peeking out from below her dress as she and Tim walked together.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0036

I also love the image of them with the veil in the foreground.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0037Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0038Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0040

Finally, it was time for the reception, and these people could dance! Amy and Tim came in to the Bruno Mars song “Marry You” and then slowed it down for a more romantic first dance. Next, Amy danced with her dad, and then Tim and his mom tore up the dance floor. Toasts were spoken, and the rest of the evening was filled with lots of joy and dance.Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0042Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0043Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0044Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0045Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0046Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0041Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0047Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0051Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0052Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0053Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0048Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0049Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0055Elihu-Island-CT-Wedding-Pardo-Photography_0050The mood of the bride and groom was so relaxed and joyful. It was a very high end wedding, even featured on Style Me Pretty. Yet the focus was on the union of the couple, not on the stuff. The sense of happiness and love surrounded the whole island.
Thank you, Anna Sawin, for including me as part of your team photographing this GORGEOUS and joyful wedding!

The rest of the team of wedding vendors:
Wedding Photography: Anna Sawin + Nicki Pardo for Anna Sawin Photography / Wedding Venue: Elihu Island, A Private Island Off the Coast of Stonington, Connecticut / Floral Design: Hana Floral Design / Event Design: Chocolate Creative Design + Ruffles & Tweed / Event Planning, Ikat Pillows + Table Toppers: Ruffles & Tweed / Wedding Invitations, Map, Programs, Cupcake Tags + Favor Bags: Chocolate Creative Design / Wedding Cinematography: Buzz Media Company / Catering + Cupcakes: Gourmet Galley / Band: New York City Swing / Tent: Sperry Tents / Wedding Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue / Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Hair: W Salon / Makeup: Jennie Fresa

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